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East Louisville Pediatrics participates with most insurance carriers. We will be happy to verify whether or not we participate with your plan. The insurance environment has become very complex, and each policy varies with its coverage. Although we will do our best to help you, it is impossible for us to know what each particular plan covers and it is ultimately your responsibility to know your insurance plan and coverage.

We ask you to bring your insurance card to each visit and annually update your information for our records. Co-payments are due on the day of service. When a statement is sent for co-insurance (the amount applied to your deductible or non-covered service), payment is due upon receipt of the statement. There may be an additional fee for sending statements for co-payments or a rebilling fee for unpaid balances.

A copy of your current insurance card needs to be in your child’s chart in case of an emergency so if your insurance/card changes please inform us so that we can update our records.